5 Stars Junior Cup 2024 by Adrian Meronk

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4-6 of October Wrocław Golf Club

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For the second time, the 5 Stars Junior Cup will be hosted at the Wrocław Golf Club. And for the second time, Adrian Meronk himself will attend the competition. Just like last year, he will be cheering for the players and answering their questions. It’s the best way to meet a champion. We can’t wait for it.

In 2023, 100 players participated in the tournament. In the 19-25 age group, Czech player Jan Sustek emerged victorious, although the decision came only in the final round. For two days, Sustek and Michał Bargenda were neck and neck, consistently playing 73 and 71 strokes. The final round brought the resolution. In the under-18 age group, Czech representative Matous Zach also triumphed, securing a significant lead over second-placed Maciej Janusiewicz and Czech Ondrej Sustek.

Among the girls, Martyna Muchajer and Matylda Kawczyńska fought for the podium, with Marysia Moczarska closing out the top 3. As a result, Martyna emerged as the best.

This year, we expect even more excitement.

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