5 Stars Junior Cup 2024 by Adrian Meronk

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10-12 July – Modry Las

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For the second time, the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk tournament will be held on a Gary Player-designed course. The course is incorporated into an area surrounded by two tranquil lakes that provide irrigation for most holes. Modry Las is characterized by deep bunkers with steep sides and greens surrounded by the lakes.

More than 70 players entered the 2023 competition in Modry Las. The weather was very capricious from heat through heavy rain, so the players had the opportunity to test their skills in a wide variety of conditions.

In the tournament for the oldest players, 5 Stars 19-25, Lukasz Bogusz won unquestionably with a total of 224 strokes. In the 5 Stars Junior Cup tournament, the lowest score  229 strokes was achieved by Aleksandr Vagimov, a native of Malta.

Among the girls, the lowest result of the tournament – 242 strokes – was achieved by Zuzanna Mordaka from Wroclaw Golf Club.

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