5 Stars Junior Cup 2024 by Adrian Meronk

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1-3 June – Kraków Valley

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In the 2024 season, again like last year, the Krakow Valley G&CC will inaugurate the series. The course is known for not so easy to wring out a good score on it, being mountainous and long. It does, however, offer spectacular views of the Krakow-Czestochowa Jurassic Highlands.

The inaugural 2023 games brought together 85 players, who surprised from the first day with fantastic results. The final victory in the 19-25 group had to be decided in overtime between Frank Dudek and Czech representative Mariana Polakova. Overtime belonged to Mariana Polakova, The third was also the representative of Cech Alina Shchepteva.

In the 5 Stars Junior Cup tournament, among girls Martyna Muchajer won, and among boys the leader from the first day Jan Branicki (who played 68 strokes on the first day of the tournament).

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