5 Stars Junior Cup 2023 by Adrian Meronk

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21 – 23 August 2023 – Mazury Golf & CC

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Three days of perfect weather, almost 80 young players – this is what the fourth 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk tournament at the Mazury Golf & Country Club looked like. Once again, the competition had an international cast, and among the participants there were also many representatives of the national team. The results achieved by some players aroused admiration among the spectators and observers of the tournament who watched the competition from the terrace of the clubhouse.

The third day was the most exciting, when some competitors made up for the losses from two days, while the leaders from the two previous rounds tried their best to maintain their lead in the individual classifications. Therefore, there were no shortage of surprises on the final scoreboard.

In the 5 Stars 19-25 tournament after the first day, Szymon Chamera was the leader, playing two shots below par. Kamil Nowak was right behind him with two stroke loss, playing par. Jim Woundenberg, from the Netherlands, played 77 strokes and was in the third place. On the second day, however, it was Woundenberg who attacked the leading position by playing 4 shots below par. Chamera and Nowak played 80 strokes each and took second and third place, respectively. The final round brought the decision, in which the Dutch representative again performed best. Playing 73 strokes, he remained on the first place and even Kamil Nowak’s very good round -69 strokes – could not change that. Łukasz Bogusz placed third. Szymon Chamera was one stroke short of being on the podium.

The 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk tournament also had its share of sudden twists and turns, especially when it comes to the WAGR category. On the first day, the best result was achieved by a member of the national team, Antoni Hawkins, who recorded 69 strokes, making no mistakes and also marking 3 birdies on the scorecard. Antoni took the lead both in his age group (U15) as well as in the WAGR classification. The second lowest score of the day was achieved by another member of the national team- Konstanty Łuczak- playing evenly on par. He recorded 5 birdies, 4 bogeys and one double. The 3-stroke difference between these players remained after the second round, in which both Hawkins and Łuczak achieved identical results. The third day turned out to be decisive, when Konstanty Łuczak played a phenomenal round – 67 strokes, 5 under par. Antoni Hawkins played a plus-two, which was not enough to keep the lead. Konstanty Łuczak gained one stroke advantage and thus took first place in the WAGR classification and first place in the boys under 18 category. In this age group, Carlos Delicado took second place and Leon Krawczyk took third place. Among U15 players, Antoni Fijałkowski took second place after Hawkins, and Wojciech Grzegorzek took third place.

It was also exciting in the girls’ group, where the competition for the WAGR ranking was decided in the U18 group. After the first round, the Turkish representative, Zeynep Sualp, was in the lead, scoring one over par. Behind her, with one stroke more, was Martyna Muchajer. The second day of the competition reversed the order. Sualp played 80 strokes and Muchajer 78 and thus took the lead with a one-stroke advantage. And here, too, the third round turned out to be decisive. A competitor from Turkey achieved a better result that day by two strokes, thus securing first place in the WAGR classification and in the U18 group. Martyna Muchajer took second place, and Lara Sorguc was third in this age category.


In the group of fifteen-year-olds, Aleksandra Buczkowska won, followed by Aleksandra Winkowska.

Among 12-year-old boys, the representative of Turkey, Ali Evyap, turned out to be unrivaled, beating Theo Oderine with a 9-stroke advantage. Franciszek Bancerz was third. In the same group among girls, Turkish junior, Ada Narin, also won, ahead of Julia Fijałkowska and Natalia Domańska.

Among children under 10 years of age, Nikodem Orłowski won, ahead of Jan Styczek and Krzysztof Bereszyński.

The last tournament of the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk series will be held at the Wrocław Golf Club on October 13-15. We already know that Adrian Meronk himself will be there, so there will certainly be plenty of emotions.

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