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ASM Sports group provides the complete global sport pathway built from its main pillars ASM Scholarships, ASM Elite, and ASM Careers. Beginning with ensuring young athletes are prepared to be scholarship candidates in the US college system, ensuring all vocational career & employment opportunities are available upon graduation with our partnered global Companies, as well as providing all Elite ASM athletes with the guidance of our professional management team to fuel a professional career in their sport.

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ASM Sports Group was started in West Palm Beach, FL, in October 2018. Founded by Christopher Vidal and Ernie Els. Chris has been working within sports recruitment for over 10 years and has worked with and advised The International Olympic Committee, Sports Accord, World Golf Foundation, Team GB, and many more. Ernie Els has been a golfing global icon for over 30 years and is a 4-time major champion. He also has dedicated a large part of his life to giving back to his charity Els for Autism.  The company has been off to a fast start, within the first three years the company has provided over $7,500,000 per year in sports scholarships for our athletes and continues to grow at around 25% per year.

ASM connects athletes with specific universities, giving support and background in finding the best university. The work with ASM already begins with building a profile of the athlete and connecting him with college coaches. The next step is a consultation with specialists who will help decide which school is the most suitable and which can provide the best scholarship. ASM connects student athletes with coaches who are interested in offering a scholarship to their university.  Throughout college, ASM experts watch over the path of athletic and college careers, and after graduation from college, can help find the right job.


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