The vagaries of the weather at Modry Las

The weather changed over the three days like a rollercoaster – from 30 degree heat, through torrential rain and thunderstorms, to 18 degrees and very strong wind. More than 70 competitors therefore had the opportunity to test their skills in a wide variety of conditions. Despite this, the leaders from the first day in many cases maintained their lead through the following rounds, however they fought for every stroke.

The 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk and the 5 Stars 19-25 took place on the beautiful Modry Las course, which impresses with its shape, spectacular views and preparation on every visit. This time the course funded the young players difficult weather conditions.

In the tournament for the oldest players, Łukasz Bogusz, who played the first round par, unquestionably led from the start. Among golfers aged 19-25, until the end of the competition nobody repeated this feat . Łukasz played consecutive rounds under 80, which put him nine strokes ahead of Kamil Nowak, another player in the field, with a total of 224 strokes (eight over par). Third place in this classification belongs to Szymon Uzar.

“My game was at a good level, although on the first day by far the best. The weather conditions made it very difficult to play on the second and third day. The course was very well prepared, including the greens, especially comparing them to other tournaments I have played recently,” concluded Łukasz.


In the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk, the lowest score of 229 strokes was achieved by Aleksandr Vagimov, from Malta. He played 75 strokes in the first round, recorded scores of +5 over the first two days. His steady play was enough to take first place in the WAGR classification as well as in his U15 age group. Nguyen Viet (also U15) played the first day par, but on the following days the player from First Warsaw Golf was already bringing scores above 80, which prevented him from fighting for the first place in this category and pushed him finally to the 3rd place.


“I played steadily and consistently,” Aleksandr Vagimov said. “The course is in very good condition, the greens are well maintained. The conditions were difficult, especially on the second and third day – there was a lot of rain and wind and it was cold. The best part of my game are the irons and I was consistent in hitting them. This is my first visit to Poland, I flew here from Malta. I found out about the tournament through a friend of my dad’s,” he adds. Second place among the under-15 boys also went to Malta-born Noah Gratil, who played a combined 238 strokes.

Among the under-18 boys, the competition was fierce and who would end up on which podium spot was usually decided by one stroke. After the first day, Mateusz Zygadło was in the lead, playing on par. His subsequent rounds were a little weaker and he eventually took 4th place in this group, with a total of +21. The winner was the leader from the second round – Marcin Kuna from Open Golf Club. Only one stroke more had Leon Krawczyk, who, on the last day, played the lowest score of 74 strokes, which, considering the unpredictable wind that day, is quite an achievement. Two strokes more than Leon had Oliwier Onyszkiewicz, who took the third place.

Among the girls, the lowest score of the tournament – 242 strokes – was achieved by Zuzanna Mordaka from Wrocław Golf Club. Thus, she also came first in the age group of younger juniors. Five strokes more were noted by the second in this classification – Julia Cebula, and the third place belongs to Aleksandra Buczkowska.

Among the oldest girls, under 18 years of age, the winner was Aleksandra Wójcikowska from Wrocław Golf Club, with a total of 247 strokes. “I played great for those three days, the atmosphere was great and the course was superbly prepared. On the last day, unfortunately, I played badly and thought I had surrendered the victory, but it turned out, that one stroke was worth its weight in gold,” said Aleksandra. Although Wójcikowska secured a significant lead over the other players on the first day, but it gradually melted away after each round and, as a result, Lara Soguc from Turkey lost the battle for the first place by just one stroke.

Among the girls in the U12 category, Ada Narin, from Turkey, was also victorious, gaining an 18-stroke lead over the other players in this group. Among the boys in this age group, the winner was Theo Oderine (Sobienie Królewskie G&CC), who is playing in the Sub Juniors category for the first time.


In the U10 group, which played nine holes each day, the best result came from Krzysztof Bereszyński.

Winners of each category, who were under 18, and there was more than five participants in their group, were awarded with the qualification for the „Champion of the Champions“ tournament.

The next competition from the series 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk and 5 Stars 19-25 is already on 12-14 July at Prosper Golf Celadna.

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