We were in the Czech Republic for the first time

The host of the third tournament of the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk series was the Czech Republic, specifically Prosper Golf Celadna. Seventy-four players turned up at the start line and, as befits this series, the cast was international. In addition to the Poles, representatives of Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and, of course, the Czech Republic took part in the competition.

Once again, the weather did not spare the competitors. It was scorching hot, however the heavy rain on the second day of the tournament caused the games to be interrupted for more than two hours. The final round thankfully greeted the players with hot July sunshine.

On the first day the lowest score was achieved by Kamil Nowak, who played one over par. Just two strokes more were hit by Jakub Dalibor Sutor. Both players competed in the 5 Stars 19-25 tournament. Among the under-18 players, the lowest score was achieved by Slovak Frederika Rychtarikova, who played the course par. Among the boys, the best result of 74 strokes belonged to Lithuanian Kajus Pacauskas.

On the second day, conditions were much more difficult. It was warm first thing in the morning, but firstly gentle, and then a heavy rain made the course unplayable for two hours. The players played few strokes in the rain, which certainly made it very difficult to play. The scores that day were also slightly down, but… not for everyone. A 67-stroke score in the second round was achieved by Jakub Dalibor Sutor, which allowed him to calmly take the first place with a six-stroke lead. The leader from the first day – Kamil Nowak – played slightly worse with 78 strokes. In contrast, the score of one over the par was recorded by Czech Alina Shchepteva. In the tournament 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk, Kajus Pacauskas, who played one under par and had an unthreatened lead in his U15 group, as well as in general classification.

The third day mostly only strengthened the classification from two days. The winner of the 5 Stars 19-25 tournament was Jakub Dalibor Sutor with a combined score of -3 and a twelve-stroke lead to the second place, Czech player. Alina Shchepteva played par in the final round and was two strokes ahead of Kamil Nowak.

In the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk, a tournament for juniors under 18, the WAGR classification was won decisively by Kajus Pacauskas. His total score was 2 strokes over par. He was thus the winner in his U15 age category, followed by Viet Nguyen and Michal Cygan.

Among junior boys, the victory belongs to Mateusz Zygadło, who told us after the round that “The course is very interesting, it’s short so some people think it’s easy, but you can juggle a lot on it.” About his game he said: “The first day I was happy with how I played, I was one over par. The next day I did less well, mainly due to head and uncertainty. On the third day I was happy with the overall round. Overall I’m happy to convince myself that I can play steadily at a level close to par.” In the U18 classification, Oliwier Onyszkiewicz came second with a 4-stroke start, followed by Adam Maciejak

Among the girls, the champion of the U18 category became Frederika Rychtarikova, who maintained her lead from the first round. She was eleven strokes ahead of Lara Sorguc, a Turkish player. Emilia Dawid finished third.

Natasza Klimko proved to be the best among the 15-year-olds, beating Julia Cebula by four strokes. Blanca Libera was third.

Among the 12-year-olds, Karol Gil was triumphant with a big lead to the players behind him- Maksymilian Dudarski and Jan Pawluczek. Among the girls in this group, Turkish representative Ada Narin triumphed ahead of Ha Vy Nguyen.

Children under 10 played nine holes each day. The best was Jan Styczek ahead of Quynh Chi Nguyen and Lu YiChen.

The next competition in the 5 Stars Junior Cup by Adrian Meronk series will take place in August at Mazury Golf&CC.

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